Selling/Trading an XDM Match 5.25 in 9mm set up and ready in race gun/3 gun config. Has $300+ in performance parts: a Spring Precision trigger job, magwell, and heavy guide rod. Also has all the original parts and accessories (as shown) and 4 mags. Has minimal wear (see pics), though the magwell bases and some parts have been painted.
I am selling my Martin Pro Prowler Compound Bow. It is in 95% condition and shoots very well. Only reason it's for sale is because the Draw is too long for me. I have a 26" Draw and the bow drawers about 29". I can't shoot it. It pulls 50 - 70, has a good quality arrow rest, 3 pin sight and the string is in very good condition. I have pics. which I'll try to attach but if I can't I can Text the...
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